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Q. How can I attend a studio taping in Los Angeles ?
A. There are no studio shows planned right now. Tom is currently directing and starring in his movie "Freddy got Fingered".
Q. I thought you guys taped studio shows in NYC ?
A. We did, but recently moved (October 1999) to Los Angeles.
Q. How many shows have you done so far on MTV ?
A. Check out our MTV episode guide for more detailed info.
Q. How much does it cost to be a member of the audience ?
A. It's free to see shows at MTV studios. You must be 18 years of age however.
Q. Will the MTV shows air in Canada ?
A. They now air fridays at 11:00 p.m. on the Comedy Network.
Q. Where are you guys originally from ?
A. Ottawa, Canada.
Q. Where do you guys live now ?
A. Tom and Derek live in Los Angeles now. Glenn and Phil still live in Ottawa, Canada.
Q. Who is the webmaster of ?
A. Glenn Humplik, he is also the co-host on the Tom Green Show. Glenn is a computer idiot.
Q. I have a funny idea that I think would be great on the show, who should I contact ?
A. Post the idea on our message board, Tom and the writers on the show check the board on a regular basis.
Q. Can I communicate with them on this website ?
A. Yes, you can post your questions on the message board. The guys read the posts on a regular basis.
Q. Are any of the guys gay ?
A. Contrary to popular belief, no. We all love women, some of us more than others.
Q. Is Tom engaged to Drew Barrymore ?
A. Yes.
Q. Do the other guys on the show have girlfriends ?
A. Yes. Believe it or not, Phil and Glenn have girlfriends. Derek tied the knot in May 1999.
Q. What High School did Tom attend ?
A. Colonel By H.S. in Ottawa, Canada
Q. Did Tom go to College/University ?
A. Algonquin College (Ottawa, Canada), TV broadcasting program.
Q. Tom's Favorite Music ?
A. Hip Hop.
Q. Who are some people Tom has looked up to ?
A. David Letterman and Tony Hawk are two major ones.
Q. What do you guys do to relax ?
A. Tom, Glenn, Phil and Derek snowboard during the winter. Tom and Phil skateboard during the summer. Tom claims to masturbate everyday to help him relax, none of us have ever witnessed this first hand to verify his claim. We are very thankful for that. We do believe him however. Why the hell would he lie to us.
Q. How did Tom and Glenn meet ?
A. CHUO-fm radio station, co-hosting an overnight talk show called Nightfall back in 1989.
Q. Are Tom, Glenn, Phil and Derek all friends ?
A. Yes.
Q. Was Tom in the hip-hop group Organized Rhyme ?
A. Yes, they had one CD release called "Stiffenin against the wall" in 1992.
Q. How can I buy a copy of the CD ?
A. Your best bet is eBay (, or used record stores in Canada.
Q. Any plans of an Organized Rhyme reunion ?
A. None.
Q. Who is MC Face ?
A. Well, if you look carefully, we think you'll figure it out.
Q. Will Tom ever put out another CD ?
A. Yes, look for it later in 2000.
Q. Does Glenn make music too ?
A. Glenn plays guitar for the band Daiquiri.
Q. How about Derek and Phil ?
A. Derek enjoys to play his guitar. On occcasion, Phil can be heard making funny noises from his mouth.
Q. Who is the guy who stands behind the window in every show ?
A. Phil Giroux (otherwise know as "The J-ROO"). Phil runs a website called Phil is a very unique person, we really enjoy his company.


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