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Face on Bus
Tom puts his face on a bus which keeps it from driving off
Tension Relief
Tom lets some people take their stress out on him
Papa Don't Preach
Tom sings a number
Glenn is an Ass
Tom talks with Will Farrel who tells him that Glenn gave him the finger
No It's OK
Tom hires a guy to be the "Cheeseburger Streaker"
Lookin for Johny
Tom, as Venus Flytrap goes into a radio staion looking for Johny
Jesus Loves Me
Tom sings a song while a lady plays the piano

Qwo Martin-Aw
Tom makes fun of Star Trek fans
Check Your Bag
Tom as a limo driver
Fire and Taxes
Tom ask some fire fighters working to put out a fire some questions
Rick Shaw
Tom dresses up in his Scottish Kilt again
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